Coworking. Please Explain.

What is Coworking, and what does Coworking mean and can I please have a definition….What_Is_Coworking_Definition_Blog

Coworking is about community, networking and sharing ideas. Individuals or companies who cowork share a space and share values, but do not necessarily share the same background or profession. Coworking spaces offer flexibility to freelancers and small businesses reducing the financial commitment to a long-term contract on office space or the responsibility of a lease on a property. This enables particularly start up businesses to focus on their business development and networking.

Coworking spaces stimulate communication, collaboration and exchange of ideas. Coworkers support one another. There is a very strong sense of community and belonging to a group, as well as a feeling of pride associated with it. The coworking space community is the principle distinction and attraction to freelancers from a serviced office or working from home.


Source: The West Ealing Hub Feasibility Study, September 2013

Featured Image: The Pioneer Collective, Seattle

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