The Community Manager

If you’re considering working in a coworking space then you will usually encounter a community manager. The role is easily confused with an office or operations manager but it couldn’t be more different.

The role of the Community Manager is to build, promote and foster a community in the space by connecting the members to each other, encouraging engagement, fostering serendipity and offering a personalised member experience. This is achieved by chatting with and taking an interest in new members, finding out what they do and making introductions to other members with common interests.

All this can come about by being present in the space, hosting events and taking an interest in the projects being undertaken by the members. The importance of community can be overlooked particularly at the early stages when the focus may be on occupancy rates and revenues. However, its role in the success of a coworking space cannot be understated.

Those considering coworking will seek out a community that speaks to them and this will factor in their choice of space. As competition increases in the market the importance of curating unique and robust community in the space will become a vital marketing tool and a way to set one space apart from another.


As the Role of Community manger is relatively new, it’s difficult to define a particular background or experience that perfectly fits the role. However a background in front line hospitality role or a communications position would be a good starting point. The skill set will include a natural ability to engage with people, multi task and be able to organise events as well as market and promote the space.

For smaller spaces, the role of community manager will invariably overlap with operations so some technical and business knowledge will also be required.