Coworking Etiquette

How should you behave in a coworking space ? No two coworking spaces are the same so we thought it might be useful if we reproduced a coworking etiquette guide which we helped a coworking operator to prepare recently. What do you think ?


Noise (love thy neighbour):

The Lounge is a shared work environment where you’ll enjoy the tranquil hum of a dynamic workspace. However, do spare more that just a thought for your fellow co-worker. As a general rule, think courtesy and decorum. For example, if you need to take a phone call, pop out to one of the phone booths. If you’re listening to music or streaming video, don’t forget to use your headphones. Help keep your lounge a great place to work by making is a congestion, pet and children free zone.

Guests (don’t stress the rest):

We hope you like our meeting room which is located on the ground floor. It’s super easy to book online so if you’d like to bring in guests, you’ll need to reserve it. As a member, you get discount rates and its well worth it for that professional image. Also, if it’s after hours be sure to pre warn your guest to call your mobile when they arrive outside. The same goes for any deliveries. If you need a full time letter box for postal delivery, then contact us.


Please don’t leave your personal belongings unattended. Mobiles, lap tops and such are pure fodder for thieve so don’t risk it.

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Food (did someone open their lunch box?):

Georgian buildings and kitchen spaces are not great bedfellows, but we did manage to install a kitchen and breakfast bar area in the lower ground floor. If you’re eating in, you’re welcome to perch there and on fine days, do enjoy the garden which has outdoor seating & wifi. If you’d like to have a snack at your desk then you’re more than welcome to but please avoid anything noisy or with a strong aroma and which might bother others. Unfortunately, you can’t store any food in the building for more than one day

Your Belongings (clean desks – Big Smiles):

Unless you have a locker you must bring all your belongings with you each time you leave. Also, as the Lounge is only cleaned in the evening it’s to you to keep the space tidy during the day so please don’t leave any rubbish behind you. Also, try to avoid going OTT with the likes of big bags, oversized PC screens, portable printers and other equipment/ hardware. As a general rule, if you can’t carry it with ease then it’s best left at home.


The Space has been designed to generate a dynamic shared work environment so it’s easy to smile and show how polite you are 🙂 Feel free to mingle and start up a conversation  (we’re a coworking space after all ) but remember the coworkers code: no headphones in = “yeah, I’m open to chat” one headphone in means “approach with caution” and both headphones in means a polite “F*ck Off”.  If you’re a smoker, then be sure to enjoy the outdoor terrace where ash trays are provided as opposed to the front entrance. Also, as its a shared space, it’s unfair to reserve or hold a desk so we have a 20 minute limit on unattended desks after which your belongings will be moved.

Featured Image : Büro37, Legnago, Italy

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