Event Marketing for Coworking Spaces

Events are a wonderful coworking marketing tool as they introduce potential new customers to your Space and raise brand awareness in your local community. As such, you want to think of them more as a long term marketing tool and awareness generator, rather than a direct revenue source.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of events that you can consider when promoting and marketing your coworking space. They are Networking, Educational and Product knowledge type events. Each have their own merits but it’s best to combine a networking event with one or both of the other two options as this will appeal to more and reduce the risk of an empty room.

Hosting a coworking event that pertains to your target audience so for example, an event on getting start-up funding or mastering the nuances of twitter for business might be of interest to serviced office clients. Maximise your chances of attendance by making sure you pick a broad topic, particularly if this is your first event. If you have a large tech clientele, then consider a demonstration of a new or novelty product such as of google glass or the new apple watch. If you have a cutting edge start up business in your coworking space, consider offering them a slot to present their product or service.

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Enhance your event by getting a well-known guest speaker. Perhaps somebody who your clients might have an interest in or even aspire to become. If you don’t know anyone then use LinkedIn as a research tool for searching names of people that you would like to approach. Rather than cold calling, try reaching out to them on Twitter. In your pitch to them, include what’s different about your event and your coworking community and how many people you expect to be in attendance.

At the event, have a photographer present so you can do a great content piece on it later for your blog. Post the pictures up on Facebook and twitter and share them with the attendees by mentioning or tagging them if appropriate. Create a #hashtag for your event and encourage real time tweeting. After the event go through all your RSVP’s and add them to your LinkedIn, Twitter and Google circles pages and convert your attendees to social media followers.

You could also consider inviting leads that may have recently taken a tour to an event that you are hosting. It’s a great reason to reach out and a way for a potential new member to experience first hand the community of the space.

Online resources to help with your coworking event include evenbrite.co.uk or meetup.com

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