Coworking Marketing Services

Did you know that CoworkWorldwide operates an online marketing service tailored for Coworking Spaces?

Trusting your flexible workspace marketing plan and CRM strategy to an agency with limited knowledge of the industry can be a huge waste . With over 10 years experience, we have developed a specialized marketing strategy bespoke to coworking workspaces.

At its core is an understanding of the marketing challenges faced by coworking space operators and the industry know-how to target, reach, engage and convert potential members.

Pick and choose from our 7 Marketing services:-

Service #1 Partner Channel Placement

Placement of your space with all major channel partners to include traditional brokers, web brokers, shared office web portals, value added resellers, network promoters and market place providers locally and worldwide.

Service # 2 Audit and Development of Your Online Footprint

Ensure that search engines can find your website, that you are ranking  highly for relevant search keywords and that your content is optimised to  bring in maximum web traffic. Our SEO service includes a free audit of  your website whereby we assess navigation, calls to action, strength of lead generation,  existing site visibility as well as Google My Business, and Google Plus set up or Audit.

Service #3 Sales Funnel Analysis

Fully comprehensive review of your sales process from initial contact to conversion with tailored recommendations on sales strategies, lead capture, conversion techniques.

Service # 4 Content Marketing

Quality and relevant content is crucial for great SEO as it drives valuable organic traffic, encourages social sharing, creates online authority and generates user confidence. Our in-house copy writers will prepare keyword rich unique content which will be exclusive, bespoke and optimised for conversion.

Service # 5 Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a fantastic way to reach out to clients as well as remarket and reengage with lost leads and promote special offers and discounts such as meeting room coupons or free trial days. In conjunction with our content marketing service we will design, create, & send your newsletters, each segmented & tailored to resident clients, shared work space clients, virtual clients, new leads and prospects.

Service # 6 Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click)

Using keyword targeting Google AdWords allows us to connect directly with an audience that is already searching online for your service. We will set up your account and then create, manage and monitor on your AdWords campaign by crafting your ads and researching the keywords that drive traffic from Google to your website and into your sales funnel.

Service # 7 Facebook Paid Promotion

Reach a defined audience where we choose a profile of Facebook user and serve your ads only to them. Facebook allows identification of a very specific audience for your paid promotion, for example a start up business in early stage development or freelancers who might need a virtual office or meeting room use. A well crafted Facebook campaign will also drive web traffic & generate likes and shares.

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